Musikstyle: Techno & Progressive
Resident Club: Poison Club/Düsseldorf

Guest bookings in the following clubs:

Dorian Gray/FFM
Oxa Dancehall/Zurich
Cosmic Club,Fusion/Münster
Cafe Europa/Bielefeld
Pleasure Dome/Augsburg
Hangar 5/Hannover
MS Connection/Mannheim
F-Haus & Pier 2/Bremen
2 C Club/Fribourg (Switzerland)
ProTon & Toy /Stuttgart
Alte Weberei/Nordhausen
and many more…


Mayday ’99 , Mayday 2000 & Mayday 2001!!!
Reincarnation 1998 , 1999, 2000 , 2001 und 2002
Nature One’98 ,’99 & 2000 , 2001 , 2002 , 2003 , 2005
Union Move/Hamburg
Cubik (Schweiz)
Goliath (Scheiz)
1LIVE Partyservice
Union Rave (Tor3) /Düsseldorf
Alpha 8-Parties/Nord-Deutschland
Lovestern Galactika‘99/Berlin-Love Parade
Lovenation 2000/Berlin-Love Parade
Licht und Liebe 2000/Berlin-Love Parade 2000-2002
Lovenation 2001/Wien-Love Parade
Lovenation 2001/Berlin-Love Parade
Energy 2001/Zürich-Streetparade
Rave and Cruise 2001/Dubrovnik,Mykonos,Santorin,Korfu
Rave on Snow 2001 , 2002 , 2003 /Saalbach,Hinterklemmen
Ruhr in Love Festival 2004,2005
Electronic Empire/Wien
Mixery Dancefield Parties
SMAG Party Ibiza Night,Thierbrauerrei/Dortmund
Thaibreak 2002 , 2003 , 2004
Full Moon Parties auf Koh Phangan /Thailand 2004 und 2005
Vision Parade /Bremen 2002 , 2004 , 2005

Bookings abroad:

Australien, USA, Kanada, Süd Afrika, Thailand, Singapur, Indien, Rußland, Tschechien, Estland, Rumänien, Ungarn, Kroatien, Griechenland, Schweiz, Österreich, Belgien, Holland, Luxemburg, Frankreich, Italien, Spanien
und andere Länder...

Special bookings

Warm-up act for the
’Spice Girls‘ on 01.04.1998 at

Interviewed for ZDF’Club Rotation‘ (with Daisy Dee) for VIVA;
Interviewed for ARTE and numerous other TV stations; Appearances on 'B.TV
Baden-Würtemberg‘ for “Techno-Rave on TV“

umerous guest appearances & bookings on many national and international
radio stations: 1LIVE, HR3, Radio RPR1, Radio Brisbane/Australia, Radio NRG/International
and many more.

Nathalie de Borah – Biography
After successfully finishing school having gained her German “Abitur”,

Nathalie de Borah began to study medicine, but she never quite managed to suppress her awakened passion for techno music. When a good friend of Nathalie’s asked her to DJ at a small event that he was planning, she didn’t think twice and bravely accepted the challenge. Having added a few more of the latest vinyls to her passionately accumulated record collection, she set out to entertain the crowd. This worked straight away: the party was a huge success. So Nathalie took this experiment as an incentive and a motivation to continue on her path of becoming a DJ.
She soon realised she had a real talent for mixing, so much so that renowned clubs soon wanted to book her.

In 1995 she became resident DJ in the famous ‘Poison Club/Düsseldorf‘. At the same time her ambitions became focussed towards creating her own record productions. Just a short time later, in association with Chris Liebing and Andrew Wooden, she brought out her first release “La Folie” (Global Ambition) which completely reflected her unique style – a mixture of pumping, progressive grooves and techno URSOUND.

As Nathalie particularly loves her independence and is very single-minded, she got together with Eric Wesenberg to set up a joined studio, so that she was able to pursue her artistic ambitions at all times. The next bit of success was just round the corner: Helped by her contact Ian Pooley, she was able to cut a deal with the cult label
‘Force Inc. US and the subsequent release “Nathalie de Borah-Heart but House“ acquired cult status.

At the same time, Nathalie became increasingly popular with partygoers who particularly appreciate her unique “Ursound” so that her reputation made headlines far beyond the borders of her native Germany. As a result she has travelled to almost all European countries, USA, Canada and Australia. She is virtually omnipresent at all important events and in the coolest clubs and music magazines have rightfully labelled her “The most frequently booked female DJ”.

In 1997/1998, the turntable queen got her first well-deserved major deal with
‘Virgin‘ for the release “Nathalie de Borah: Living on Video“.
She was booked as a warm-up act for the Spice Girls on 01.04.1998 (Westfalen-Hallen, Dortmund), and she gave interviews for VIVA, Arte and numerous other TV stations, as well as being interviewed by all the major radio stations.

At the same time, the former model also represented several fashion labels (for example Lee Jeans , Bora's Footwear) and took part in fashion campaigns for numerous renowned magazines, hereby expanding her public profile.

Nathalie continued to work on all her music productions in a focussed and disciplined way, and used her DJ work at the weekends to help her get new ideas and energies. Here she is inspired by her special relationship with the audience, as she perceives her success as a symbiosis between herself and the party crowd;
For Nathalie knows instinctively WHEN? WHERE? And WHICH? record is just the RIGHT one for a crowd. She achieves this by mental communication with the partygoers – the greatest skill a top DJ needs to master. These skills naturally also influence her music productions.

Her career was “crowned” at Mayday 99, Mayday 2000 und Mayday 2001 (Westfalen Hallen/Dortmund). Nathalie de Borah had thus been finally admitted to the ‘DJ Olympians’.

Up until today, she has launched about thirty releases. Remixes and various projects such as “Die Telematiker-Need no Sleep” (a track which even became the hymn of the Street Parade‘/Zurich 2001!) prove her versatility and demonstrate a wide musical variety of music productions. Her co-producers have included Ramon Zenker (Hardfloor), Olaf Wollschläger (Vorsprung durch Technik) and L.U.P.O. (Low Spirit Posse). The results of these explosive artistic mergers range from ‘Pumping Progressive Sound’ to electro to Ursound-Techno. In all releases you can always detect the individual mark of Nathalie de Borah’s dynamic style.


At the moment she is also liaising with various co-producers, working on new productions which will enter into other musical genres. As a result very exciting mixes will be released onto the music market shortly!

Finally, Nathalie de Borah has been highly successful with her own events series.
“Club der Baronesse“ is poof that she knows exactly how to organise parties.
Guest DJs who have rocked and enthralled lots of party people with her include Sven Väth, Marusha and many more.

This brings us to the end of this short summary of the developmental stages and achievements of Nathalie de Borah.

Key facts & further information about latest productions, events etc. can be found under the sections “Booking Dates” and “Releases”.